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CardioTrainer vs Endomondo

by on May.09, 2010, under Exercise, Gadget, Review

On my first run, I used Endomondo android application, in the second, I tried to run both CardioTrainer and Endomondo simultaneously but Endomondo closes half-way probably due to the GPS is being used by another app and it cannot serve two apps at a time. On my 3rd run, I used CardioTrainer alone and I will explain here why I chose it.


Web App – Sharing

Endomondo has a great commenting system due to it’s simple social networking capabilities similar to facebook. You workout, and all your friends in Endomondo can comment on it. The workouts can also be shared on public using links or embed as IFrame on any web page. The workouts can also be shared in facebook and twitter and can be set to do this automatically every time you workout.

Web App – Import/Export

Another great feature of Endomondo is its friendly importing and exporting features. It accepts files from Garmin and other file types such as .gpx files.

Web App – Statistics

Workouts are laid out in a calendar form with other tabs for lists and statistics which has a selectable criteria for better analysis. The shareable workout has a map and stats as well which is perfectly designed.

Web App – Other Features

Other web features includes creating challenges, teams, drawing routes and live map where you can see your friends route overlaid on top of another.

Mobile App

The mobile app is available to various phones on their download page. Currently, I’m using the android app for my HTC Magic and the interface is very clean and simple.  Upon starting the app, you can immediately start your workout in one press. There is also an audio coach and goal setting. But the disadvantage are its lack of settings flexibility.


Web App

The web interface is very simple and secure. It requires a special access key from the mobile app in order to view the workouts uploaded. Sharing can only be done via email so no facebook/twitter integration here. The stats are very plain and there’s no way to put comments. The only thing I love about the web app is that the workouts can be exported to various format either as batch or individually.

Mobile App

This is where the CardioTrainer really beats Endomondo. Here is the feature list:

  1. Supports add-on modules like Weight Loss Program and Race Against Yourself (both are donate version)
  2. Excellent Music Integration – You can select to automatically play all your music randomly or select a specific playlist. How cool is that! I really like how pressing the start workout button plays my music. It really kicks an andrenaline rush immediately.
  3. Voice Output - Great voice and sounds very clear. The app will play alternating voice feedback about the distance, pace and time. It can also be change to activate either by distance or time and change the value of its parameters. Selecting time is very advantageous because you can use it as an alternative to lap timer. For example, setting it to 1 min interval will give a feedback when to run and when to rest. Really handy feature.
    One neat feature I want to see here is having a nagging comments to help push the person to keep going. Like “Is that all you got?” or “You seem to be slowing down, are we done already?” :D

Best of Both Worlds

The good thing about these two apps is that you can still used them hand in hand. CardioTrainer on mobile app, upload and export to gpx then import to Endomondo web site for sharing and analysis.

So there’s no need to choose which one to use. Use them both!

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