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by on Mar.18, 2013, under Android, App

In my previous post, I introduced a simple app called Send To Dictionary. The idea is unique at that time because ColorDict don’t have the functionality at the moment (accept sent text) but they updated it already so in this regard, Send To Dictionary may seem useless. However, I got motivated to step up and update the app to add new functionality and made some improvements because of the nice feedback I got from users.

So now Send To Dictionary can accept any text copied (in the clipboard) from any app. Because of this new function, Send To Dictionary is no longer useless ;-)

The new feature, clipboard text lookup (as I call it) works by copying any text from any app then tapping on the Send To Dictionary shortcut in the Notification Bar of the device. (See screenshot). This means that apps that don’t have send/share functionality like iSilo among others can now have a pseudo-dictionary integration.


Another small improvement is the enabling of Holo UI theme for devices that support it. I must agree that the app looks better with it. Thanks for the suggestion, Terrence. I actually tried to enable Holo UI for all devices using HoloEverywhere but I just cannot accept the increase in the app size (almost 4 MB) if I go with it.

I’m also glad to say that Send To Dictionary actually supports GoldenDict. Thanks to Oldřich for letting me know about it. Although both ColorDict and GoldenDict can now accept sent text on their own, Send To Dictionary’s unique feature, clipboard text lookup, really makes the difference.

As always, Send To Dictionary is available for free without any ads from Google Play. I hope you enjoy this app and please rate if you like it.

  • Thedim

    Hi. Copy to dictonary is a  simple and great app to help using dictionaries along other apps that does not offer a share option,

    I have one suggestion to improve its use and integration.

    First scenario (the way it works)
    User copies some word to clippboard and needs to get notification and press it. That´s ok.
    If user has the feature for calling send to dictonary on gestures or whatever it opens without the text previosly copied to clipboard. I think this is very desible and will help a lot. 
    I would suggest a better behaviour. Instead of opening the floating box with clippboard copied text you could send it directly to translation once send to dictonary app is called (from gesture or menu). It will be really great and adds a lot to usabilly. I would pay for that (and probably many users). Make it a donation feature.
    The direct translation can be a preference since other users probably use app in other manner.

    Regards and Kudos for your app;

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