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Active Force – Verse Collector (Android App)

by on Mar.05, 2013, under Android, App, Development

Active Force icon

Active Force – Verse Collector is an Android app that allows you to collect verses, quotes or any arbitrary text to play as slide in your home screen widget at random or specified order and interval of your choice.

Found a nice verse or quote that inspired you so much that you want to see all the time in your home screen as widget? This app will help you to do just that. You can also use this app to help you memorize verses (flashcard-like) or simply to motivate you every time.

What’s unique with this app is that it gives you full control of the content. You got to choose which items you want. Add, edit or delete entries anytime. Therefore, seeing only what you want to see without the unnecessary clutter.

This is my first app in Android. Created out of my need to have a custom widget to display what I want, when I want. Most apps available currently have no or little control over what to display. Although they require little intervention from users, I believe that user control is also important. We don’t want random quotes that sometimes we don’t agree to pop-up in our homescreen right? Additionally, most apps today requires Internet connection and other permissions that makes it complicated. Take a look at the screenshots below to have an overview of the app. I hope you enjoy using my app and if you like it, please rate. This would motivate me more on developing more features and app.

Active Force – Verse Collector is available for download free and without ads in Google Play.


How to Get Started:

  1. Install the app from Google Play.
  2. Open the app. Decide if you want to import the sample data. You can say no and import later if you wish.
  3. If you imported the sample data, proceed to step 5.
  4. Insert new item(s) by using the Insert menu at the action bar (top-right corner).
  5. Go to your homescreen and add the ActiveForce widget.
  6. Choose update rate. Google recommends a minimum of 30 mins. or 1,800 secs. interval to save battery although ActiveForce uses very little battery already.
  7. Choose text size, color, background, order and transparency of the background. Or you can just accept the default and change later as you like.
  8. Now you have the Active Force widget. If you found an interesting quote or verse from anywhere, use the share/send command to send it to ActiveForce. You can also manually input items or copy/paste.
  9. Enjoy!

– Customize individual widgets
– Select custom widget background
– Set transparency level of widget’s background image
– Select transition order
– Ability to set update rate
– Ability to set text size and color
– Reconfigure existing widgets
– Widget preview
– Open list from the widget
– Edit current item from widget
– Pause/Resume transition
– Random item button
– Prev/Next item buttons (for non-random order)
– Share item from the widget
– Show/Hide controls of the widget
– Manual sorting
– Swipe gesture navigation
– Searching
– Import sample items (so that you don’t need to start from scratch.)
– Backup/Restore items
– Share your collected items to others

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – to be able to save the backup file.

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Send To Dictionary (Android App)

by on Feb.14, 2013, under Android, App, Development

Send To Dictionary app look up words from a dictionary in a browser or other apps instantly without copy-paste like a real natively integrated dictionary app.

A dictionary helper app that sends/share any word to ColorDict for instant lookup.
Useful when reading in an app that does not support dictionary lookup directly for example, a web browser.
Since this uses ColorDict (an offline/online dictionary tool), Internet connection is not required and is very customizable.

This app was developed out of personal need (as most of my other apps). When reading in a browser for example, and some words just don’t seem to make sense especially for me who is not a native English speaker, I just wish to have a quick look up of the word instantly. I’ve seen this feature in e-book reader apps like ezPDF Reader and Moon Reader but not in a web browser. There is an alternative which I forgot the name of the app but is not so customizable and requires Internet connection. Good thing ColorDict exposes an API to let other developers to call upon the app. So this app was developed utilizing that API and the Android’s natural way of sharing app to each other via user interface: Send/Share feature.

Send to Dictionary is available for download free and without ads at Google Play.


REQUIRES and currently supports: ColorDict

NOTE: ColorDict just recently added the same functionality natively. So the only difference now with this app and ColorDict is that this app opens the ColorDict window overlaying it on the calling app (like it was natively integrated, see screenshot) while ColorDict will open in full app view (of course this too could change).

Change Log:

Hide the app when called from send/share.

Minor improvements.

Minimal dialog style.
Help text in a separate view.
Button to get ColorDict from market.
Now supports Android 2.2 and up.

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