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Send To Dictionary (Android App)

by on Feb.14, 2013, under Android, App, Development

Send To Dictionary app look up words from a dictionary in a browser or other apps instantly without copy-paste like a real natively integrated dictionary app.

A dictionary helper app that sends/share any word to ColorDict for instant lookup.
Useful when reading in an app that does not support dictionary lookup directly for example, a web browser.
Since this uses ColorDict (an offline/online dictionary tool), Internet connection is not required and is very customizable.

This app was developed out of personal need (as most of my other apps). When reading in a browser for example, and some words just don’t seem to make sense especially for me who is not a native English speaker, I just wish to have a quick look up of the word instantly. I’ve seen this feature in e-book reader apps like ezPDF Reader and Moon Reader but not in a web browser. There is an alternative which I forgot the name of the app but is not so customizable and requires Internet connection. Good thing ColorDict exposes an API to let other developers to call upon the app. So this app was developed utilizing that API and the Android’s natural way of sharing app to each other via user interface: Send/Share feature.

Send to Dictionary is available for download free and without ads at Google Play.


REQUIRES and currently supports: ColorDict

NOTE: ColorDict just recently added the same functionality natively. So the only difference now with this app and ColorDict is that this app opens the ColorDict window overlaying it on the calling app (like it was natively integrated, see screenshot) while ColorDict will open in full app view (of course this too could change).

Change Log:

Hide the app when called from send/share.

Minor improvements.

Minimal dialog style.
Help text in a separate view.
Button to get ColorDict from market.
Now supports Android 2.2 and up.

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Converted a Whole Bible in EPUB Format

by on Apr.10, 2010, under Gadget, Programming, Software, Technical

I’ve been looking around for an epub format of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures Bible so that I can read it on my magic using aldiko.Unfortunately, I can’t find anything. Actually, I already have an application for that Bible separately but it would really be nice if I can read it on my Aldiko app because of the features I mentioned on my previous blog. I’m really eager to read the whole bible completely so I decided to make my own epub format. And what I really want to achieve is the proper formatting of verse numbers.

Using Sigil, a WYSIWYG ebook editor, I learned that the epub format is just a formatted HTML. So my first plan is to convert the text format bible I got from somewhere into an HTML. But there are 66 books in the bible containing thousands of chapters! Yeah I’m willing to go through this little by little. If I can work on 1 book a day, I could finish it in 2 months! Wow! Such determination LOL!

And so I started working, and the lazy (in a nice way) guy I am, I learned a few tricks that could speed up the process. But I was really lazy haha. I thought if only I could find a html format of this bible, then my life would be easier. And so I found it. On the website. I could view the source, copy the parts I need and strip off the excess HTML tags from the source. But still, this method is very time consuming. I can’t even got through the 20th chapter of the book of Genesis in 4 hours!

This is where my ultimate laziness (programmers are very lazy, LOL) really kicks in. I summoned httrack to mirror the bible from the web. I now got the .htm files in my PC. I just need to combine them into a huge .htm file altogether. I used my old friend Ultra Edit for this tasks. I stripped off the unneeded tags, comments, etc using Regular Expressions find and replace (really sweet!) and combined the files into a single clean .htm file and loaded it up to Sigil (which takes 5 minutes to load, 10 minutes to save as epub). Finally, I got my very own epub format of the New World Translation Bible loaded in Aldiko. What an achievement in one day (originally could have been taken in 2 months!). Just wow! I even learned some regex tricks on the process. So here it is, loaded in my HTC Magic.

Sometimes, it’s good to be lazy. Provided that you let your PC work for you automatically. :-)

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